Just let your pen do the talking… Journal

For the longest I thought journaling was the most boring thing a person could ever do. To be completely honest I thought only the book worms or the weird intelligent people write in journals but little did I know it would change my life forever…

The concept was explained to me by my father in law who had encouraged each of his family members to journal. For the longest I attempted to write simple “smart” exerts but every time I seemed to just throw them away. I guess you’re wondering why I did that? I really thought it was pointless. Who was I kidding, I thought what I was writing was not what a journal was all about. But who made the guidelines of how to write a journal? Nobody.

So one day I made up my mind that I just needed to get over this phase. This is when I purchased my first vintage journal from Books Million which had no lines to write on just plain recycled paper to draw, stick, write and paste anything I wanted. On this particular day it was on sale for $10 the only money I bought with me. A part of me thinks it was some type of destiny that this particular journal was on sale but I know it was meant to be. It was time to start designing my future…

It wasn’t the easiest by all means to sit down for more than 5 minutes and write about my feelings but it hit me that I needed to write about what I love, my hopes and dreams, future goals, quotes and any fashion tips and even more!! The most helpful tool I found was to express myself. Nobody was here to judge me or correct my horrible grammar but it was a new avenue I found to be free.

The feeling of being free is something I can’t even imagine to explain. It is just when my pen hits the paper I let it do all the talking for me and it is like I can’t stop! And this is exactly why I decided to write about this particular segment in my blog. It is simply to express to you that no matter how stupid you may feel at doing something out of your comfort zone you may be surprised to see that it is all worth it in the end to experience the uncomfortable feeling for just a second. It could change your life.

So here I am. Months and months of writing and believing that my dreams will come true. I have not yet ticked everything off my list but at the age of 23 I have conquered some pretty big milestones within the short space of my years of life.

So I suppose here’s my next question:

Why should YOU journal?

To answer this question in all honesty I think it is a great way to let go of some of your inner emotions that you may feel whether they are positive or negative. It is a place where you may find your happiness, I know I did. Please don’t get me wrong I have the most wonderful support group but sometimes your me time and journaling away from the normal people you associate with is best. It is a journal full of magical ideas, things that nobody would ever understand but you. And lastly, it serves as a punching bag and a place where sometimes that extra weight you have had on your shoulders for days, weeks, months even years is lifted off.

I encourage you to journal. Start small dream big! The world is yours.

Yours truly,

Miss Rose 🌹

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