My life away from work…

I think it is very important to have some sort of social life and personal time outside of the workplace. I know that is how I survive. I want to share with you some helpful tips I use to ensure I can work at my very best and remain in a constant positive frame mind.

The first most important element to all of this is if you are married, engaged, seeing somebody or just acquaintances, make an effort to spend time with them! As a young married woman I have had to quickly realise that work must not get in the way of spending time with your spouse. At the moment my husband plays professional basketball and that is one source of income he provides to the family. On the other hand I work by modelling, in the near future I will continue to play professional basketball but I also have a major project that I will be launching in the next few successful months. With that being said, all the things that we have got going on my husband and I know that having a night together away from the craziness is always good. Date night. Although, we have the pleasure of returning home to one another every night that special night away from everything gives us the opportunity to work on us.

Don’t get me wrong we love the lifestyle we live but there are important elements to make sure that our marriage works well and that we continue to show that we still have that spark in our relationship. Amongst all the projects I do I make sure that I still have dinner cooked on time when my husband returns home from practice. Our weekly washing is completed, and I make sure that regardless of how much work I have to get done I show continuos love towards my husband. That means, prioritising certain things so that I can make his games, rebound the basketball for him at the gym and provide comfort when needed. It is all about staying organised people!

The second most important part outside of work I believe is “Me-Time.” Without this part of my life I do not know how I would get through some of this craziness. While many of us can relate to this so called “me-time” concept everybody finds something different to do during this time. Here are some of the ways I like to spend my time away from my husband, work and even friends.

  1. Put my headphones on and listen to my favourite tracks depending on my mood of the day. I am open to all music.
  2. I love to walk. My idea of walking is as simple as around a shopping mall, I do not necessarily have to buy anything. In fact, I enjoy window shopping a lot! I take regular walks around parks and lakes even to the closest markets to sample all of the food.
  3. SHOPPING. I can honestly say I love shopping! I am not into the fancy brands but I look for clothes that have quality and I love a great sale. I do not buy anything that is full price. Trust me, you can find some amazing deals if you just have the patience to look.
  4. Exercise. I love to go to the gym and workout. Often with my husband or even by myself. I like to take 1-2 hours out of my day to dedicate that to making my body look good and to ensure I am healthy.
  5. I love to make sure my skin is looking beautiful! I use a Garnier brand face mask and in that time of waiting I use whitening strips on my teeth to ensure I have the whitest grill possible. I also love a great detox lemon drink that helps ALOT too!
  6. One of my favourite things to do is simply sit at a cafe and drink a hot cup of tea or coffee. It is so relaxing. Here I take a deep breathe and take my mind off anything that is causing me stress.
  7. My final thing I love to do is write in my journal! This is my escape from the world.

What do you like to do? Leave a comment…

The next part of my entry I want to talk to you about the importance of friendships. I personally like to keep my circle small with a few girlfriends and guy friends that I can talk to as much as possible and spend time with. While I sit here and write I want to harp on the importance of communication between your friends. For 5 years I have been traveling from Australia to the United States and now over to Europe but I have not yet once stopped communicating with my friends. Now I will be honest with you there has been a few cold patches between my friends and I due to moving and certain life events but a small text such as hello, how are you? I appreciate you…. could make a world difference.

I have the most amazing group of friends and thankfully I have been blessed to make even more while traveling the world. Technology is a wonderful thing because I can Facetime, text, call and even book a flight to go see them wherever the destination may be. I encourage you to make the effort. It is well worth it in the end. Friends are comforting and it is great to have people that you can relate to in many ways aside from your spouse. Don’t get me wrong my husband is my best friend but it is also a refreshing feeling when you get the opportunity to go spend time with a few close friends at a bar, for dinner or even at a birthday party. Sometimes you need that time away regardless if everything is going well with your partner! So to break it down here’s what I am saying…

My Seven Helpful Tips to a Successful Friendship:

  • Keep your circle small.
  • Make the effort to communicate, travel and spend time with your friends.
  • Never leave an argument unresolved between you and your friend.
  • Let your friends know that you appreciate them.
  • Continue to support your friends regardless of what life throws at you and visa versa.
  • Every once in a while I like to provide a friendship gift. It could be something as little as taking care of the dinner bill, a cute piece of jewellery, a card, a memorable picture we took together. Do not be selfish, it’s okay to be a little generous sometimes. I love surprising my friends even if they do not like surprises, they will appreciate it even more!
  • Lastly, always ask how they are doing! Do not make yourself the centre of attention in a conversation with your friends especially if you have not seen each other in a very long time. Share the floor.

The very last thing I want to talk to you about is waking up in the morning and having that extra pep in my step because I get to wear whatever I want! Sounds a bit ridiculous but being an athlete my whole life I only knew what sweats and hooded jumpers felt like. I now know that expanding my wardrobe for all kinds of seasons is the best feeling in the world. It not only gives me the confidence but I can actually wear makeup without worrying about practice. Although, lets be realistic I will be picking up a basketball again very soon the short break has been wonderful.

I will finish by saying this; find your balance people. You deserve to be happy. Take time out when needed and support the ones you love.

Miss Rose ๐ŸŒน

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