Simple Goals and Projects

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetToday’s blog is aimed at the importance of setting fewer goals and projects in order to achieve more. As I discussed in my earlier post this month I read an amazing book called, “The Power of Less.” My father in law encouraged me to read it and it changed my whole mindset from remaining average to ultimately reaching my full potential. In addition, I wanted to share with you a few helpful pointers I found to help me along my journey of success. Here it goes…

The One Goal System:

  • Choose a goal

The stronger your desire the more likely you are to actually stick to it.

  • Break it down to a sub-goal

Create shorter steps that are immediately more achievable.

  • Weekly Goal

Create a weekly goal which will move you closer to your sub-goal.

  • Daily Action

Choose one action that will bring you closer to your weekly goal.

Focus on completion

  • Have an outcome in mind.
  • Move from projects to tasks.
  • Choose a task – head to completion.
  • Re asses your progress.

For me, this was very simple. Limit yourself to fewer goals, and you will achieve more. Trust me. I thought that having more goals gave me that advantage on paper but in reality you must conquer fewer and that is where you will make the most success.


Miss Rose 🌹

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