The Transition Process: From High School Student to University to NOW…

Five years ago I would never have imagined I would be sitting here at my laptop typing on my blog literally on the other side of world. But here I am living life out of a suit case with no regrets!

I began my journey at age 18, when the thought of college basketball crossed my mind. I wanted that unforgettable college experience just like the movies depicted. So I embarked on a pretty exciting journey to complete my four years of college. In addition, I didn’t know it would take three states and a final destination to do that. When I sit here and tell you that I had a rather eventful experience it was nothing short of that.

Here is my story…

August 12th, 2013 the year I began to see my life transitioning from a young innocent high school student to a University student who knew exactly what she wanted in life. I had the freshman fever. I wanted to go out and party, drink and meet new people but little did I know that my life was about to be transformed. I began my first year as a Freshman in Pasadena, California where I attended a Junior College to play basketball. To say the least it was a pretty decent experience but there were a few bumps along the way. As a young 18 year old girl away from her parents for the very first time the first four months were probably one of the hardest I had ever encountered. I almost felt crazy some days because I use to cry myself to sleep because I missed my family so much. But then I realised that I wasn’t a teenager anymore, I was here to become somebody better than I already was.

After a year I realised that my opportunity to explore other opportunities to better my talent and education other than the school I was enrolled in was the best option for me to take. Which led me to my next destination in Panama City, Florida on a full scholarship to Gulf Coast State College. This is where I completed my very first Degree which was an Associate Arts Degree. In addition to my time there I knew that my life was about to take another 360 turn when I met my college sweetheart. While it was very hard for me to put it into words my experience in Florida, it shaped me into an even better person than I was in California. I definitely learned very quickly that I had to work for everything and upon graduating I was one of the only athletes in my class to take on a full academic summer schedule in order to graduate. That meant I was taking two maximum credit sessions and the pressure was on! I knew I could it do it but it took some pretty sleepless nights and tears to get through what seemed to be the impossible. But your girl did it!

In Summer 2015, my now husband had officially signed a full scholarship to Norfolk State University to play basketball and it left me in a situation that was a little harder than I thought. While it seemed like a good idea to pack up my bags and leave the United States I explored more options to be able to be along sideย my man and further my education. What seemed like the impossible became possible because I too was offered a full scholarship to attend Norfolk State University and play basketball. Yes, I know we are the typical “Love n Basketball” couple but this was not just a dream this was my reality! With the help of my beautiful mentor Monica Wright all of this would have never happened and I am forever grateful for you. My life seemed like a true fairytale come true…

My college experience at Norfolk State University was the most memorable two years of my life. With the amazing team mates we both had and the opportunity the school gave us to further our education was undoubtedly a blessing. Of course, I can’t sit here and say it was smoothest but it was by far the greatest experience I went through no matter how much I had to sweat or cry every day. As a couple we worked so hard to ensure we had the perfect experience. That meant, we studied, worked out late in the early hours of the morning together (thanks to the police who loved us) and the ongoing support of the faculty & staff that ensured we were both successful on and off the floor was amazing. My life at that very moment was unbelievable. We became the “Love n Basketball” couple of Norfolk State University. I felt like a celebrity. Was this even real?ย 

May 6th, 2017 the day when I officially could say I had earned the most important piece of paper. I had officially completed four years of college with a Bachelor Degree in Sociology! How did this happen!? It seemed like four years had just flown by so quickly. Then it hit me, I now was not an innocent high school student or even a college student I was a 23 year old woman who had two degrees! It was time for the real world…

Never in my wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would be the first of three girls in my family to graduate from University but to have the most important person with me at the finish line, my husband. This is when life became more real than ever!

The road to adulthood was far from what I expected to say the least. It has been a transitioning process once again and it still remains one. Summer of 2017 was an unforgettable experience but we were now faced with the grim reality that we now had to figure out how to make money. In addition, I had to figure out if going home to Australia was the best option for me or should we experience this crazy life of ours together somewhere around the world. And that is exactly what happened. We took what we now call home for a short 9 months to Europe, Switzerland to be specific. Our reality just became even more interesting!

In the life of the Wades at this present moment it continues to be ongoing growing process. As a young married couple, we have had to learn very quickly certain elements within our relationship that we find have to work. Basically the things we tolerate, financial agreements on things and the balancing of life events and struggles. While being a young married couple seems a bit daunting to some, others would agree that building a strong foundation with your spouse is the most important no matter what age you are. I told myself that I wanted to be married at around the age of 24 to a person that would help me grow as a person but love me for who I am. As I sit here and say that I have a pretty incredible partner, there are no words to express how much he means to me.

The road to success is upon our finger tips. We work on bettering ourselves every single day and what better way than to be in a foreign country to explore every option we can possible. My husband is a professional basketball player now so I try to help as much as possible and try to balance my lifestyle along with his to ensure we work on us too. The real life has been an ongoing building process for the both of us and we can only look forward to what the future has in store as we build on our life together as one.

Which leads me to my final few words…

Don’t ever think that you are not smart enough because I was once in that position. High school, transitioning into a University student across the world and now living in my current reality has probably been one of the hardest most gratifying experiences I have ever had to go through. But among the many failures I went through to get to where I am today, I made it to the finish line! It can be done, just continue to believe.

Miss Rose ๐ŸŒน


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