November Issue: From a Season of Want & Struggle to Plenty

She holds her teddy bear tightly as she hides underneath a blanket to escape the screaming and yelling she hears from across the hallway. All she can think about is the loud noise and wants it to go away because she can’t handle the very thought of her mother fighting with a man she doesn’t even call dad. Her mother was in and out of relationships with men that use to take advantage of her and it was never a safe environment. Her name was Amy. At just the age of 15, this young girl witnessed some of the most horrific events in that house. The man who caused so much trouble that night that so-called man with no title to his name beat her mother black and blue until she couldn’t fight no more. Amy died that night. Her mother left nothing but this poor young girl alone. Her name was Sarah.

Sarah never knew I was there. I was invisible. I sat in the room just watching her, she was curled up in the corner of the room crying. While she couldn’t see me I could feel the pain of this poor girl and the years of trauma she had gone through. But in this moment I was helpless… It was just Sarah in a room with four beaten up walls and a single bed with nothing but her teddy bear and blanket to comfort her. Sarah owned one pair of shoes and a set of clothes that she wore every day because her mother couldn’t afford to buy her anything. Instead, Amy used them for drugs and alcohol so that she could maintain her reputation with these so-called amazing men in her life. This poor young girl had nowhere to go or even a family to turn to. Sarah needed help.

On the day of Sarah’s 15th birthday, one that she will never forget was the day her mother passed away. The day she couldn’t bear the thought of losing the only person she had and the role model she looked up to. That is all Sarah knew. Amy. Mom. At 15 she stood on the streets and begged for money so that she could eat. It wasn’t safe for her to go back to the house that she called home because the same man the one that killed her mother used it as a house to invest his time in drugs and other women. Sarah barely had enough money most days to buy a can of food. One meal a day. So you can imagine what she looked like, all skin and bones. Why was her life like this? Sarah deserved to live better? Why couldn’t I do anything? I wanted to do something but I was invisible right or was I…?

Sarah never knew her father, a man she so desperately wanted to call dad. All she ever knew was the 100 different men that came home each night to see Amy. Sarah needed a place to stay, a place that she could find some sort of comfort in. The nearest homeless shelter wasn’t safe for her because most of the men she saw at her own house lived there. So Sarah was lost, she broke down most days because she had nowhere to go. But one day Sarah came across a brochure that was sitting on the park bench she used to sit at every day. She used to sit there watching children and their parents play together and wished she had a family or some type of parent figure in her life. This brochure had so many exciting places on it that Sarah wanted to go visit. For days Sarah saved the little change she had, saving enough money and going without food to take a small bus to a town she had never been before. Sarah needed a change, a fresh start, somewhere she could call home.

I didn’t know this young girl was so broken inside. I mean I never knew Sarah personally but it felt like I did. Sarah had experienced so much in the short years of her life, I was worried about what her future was going to be like. So I followed her. Sarah never knew that I did. I followed her on the bus, in the park, watched her sleep on a park bench and under a bridge. She never once let go of her teddy bear or blanket, that was her source comfort every day. When Sarah got off the bus the man that was driving that day asked her if she was okay. She replied, “Yeah, just want to go home.” The man then replied, “Sweetie walk about a block and you will find a place to stay… I promise.” Sarah gave him the slightest grin and stepped off the bus. They locked eyes and the man knew this girl was special because how could he ever forget Amy, the woman he slept with and had a baby with. Sarah looked just like her mother.

It took a short walk just a little over a block for Sarah to realise that home was a children’s foster shelter. One which she knew nothing about but was eager to find out more. She stayed there for one night. Sarah never went back. She hated the clutter, the smell, the children, the social workers, she hated everybody. Sarah was bitter. She didn’t like people. Everybody that had come into her life either left, walked past her without giving her money or used her mother in some way. But Sarah wanted to find the man that told her that this was her home. He lied to her, just like everybody else did. So she sat at the bus station day after day, hoping the same man would be driving the exact same bus she arrived here on. That same man who drove that bus was her father, but only I knew that because I saw everything.

Sarah wanted to give up, she hated the thought of having nowhere to go and nobody to love her. Sarah just wanted her dad or somebody that could help her but nobody was there. She cried herself to sleep every night…ย This man on the bus knew where to find Sarah. He wasn’t driving this time, he was simply walking and stopped where the bus station is. He found Sarah severely sick and dehydrated. Sarah waited and waited until she broke down and couldn’t move anymore. This man took her to the hospital, sat there every day until Sarah was okay. He never left her side once. This man was her father. About a week later, Sarah woke up from a comma in a place she had never been before and surrounded by people she had never seen before. She was terrified.

I watched her sleep at night and she used to shake like something was wrong with her but it was because her mother was on drugs while pregnant with her. Amy and the guy she had a one night stand with, the man who never knew his daughter because Amy never allowed him to see her was right there beside Sarah. His name was David. For years David knew he had a daughter but never actually physically saw her. But David just knew. He knew because this young girl Sarah kept the teddy bear he left one day at the house for her.

David knew that the mother still lived there, he just never saw Sarah leave the house so he left this brown fuzzy soft teddy bear for her. It was the same teddy bear Sarah’s mother claimed she had bought for Sarah when she was a little girl… but little did she know it came from the man who was her father. Without going into to much detail David had a past himself but one day he decided that enough was enough and that there was more to life. He got his life together, checked himself into rehab, found a local church and never gave up to find his daughter. David now drives a public bus, writes music and is currently finishing his Bachelor Degree in Business Management. He did it.

Sarah was discharged from the hospital about a week later and David took her in. Sarah never knew how she got to the hospital and still to this day she doesn’t know but David saved her life. David gave her what she needed. A roof over her head, a clean and loving environment with his beautiful wife he met at University. Sarah went from all skin and bones to a gorgeous girl who attends high school and is able to learn on a daily basis. David gave her a second chance to live and a person that she could call dad. David. He did that. While nobody else cared, David knew despite the DNA he wanted to help her. Sarah never gave up…

From a season of want and struggle to a time of plenty… You can change a person’s life by simply sponsoring a child, giving a small donation to a homeless person or even volunteering at the nearest shelter. Everybody goes through struggles in their life some more than others but there is so much to be thankful for no matter what. Sarah is eligible to attend University and one day wants to tell her story to all the young adults that there is hope. Just have a little bit of Faith. A struggle is just temporary.

Philippians 4:12

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (NIV)

Be the difference. You are the difference. Make a Difference.

ย Miss Rose ๐ŸŒน

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