10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Hi all,

Today I decided to share with you 10 things you probably don’t know about me.

Here it goes…

I am a chocoholic. They say it is okay to have a little bit of a chocolate fix once or twice out of the week. I love to eat chocolate in small portions because chocolate overload isn’t healthy for me. But when I have a certain craving I never ignore it! With that being said though you must have some type of control and over time I have learned that. My love for chocolate was influenced by my mother who is the walking definition of a chocoholic. Although she knows too much chocolate makes her belly ache too.  


 I have an extreme fear of flying! While most people suffer from a traumatic experience in their past, I actually have never had a terrible flying experience. Sounds crazy right? I think it is just the idea of being up so high and having zero control of myself. Prior to actually taking off, for about a week, I feel unwell. Once the day has arrived I will be in tears before we even take off. Yes, I have tried everything!


I am highly allergic to Shrimp! Contrary to my father, I never knew that I had an extreme intolerance to shrimp until I sampled a small portion of seafood at a family gathering. Next minute I found myself in the emergency room on an IV drip pumping steroids into my body to ensure I would live. So I will NEVER try eating shrimp again! The crazy part is I can eat everything else in the ocean but I am unable to eat shrimp specifically. 

I do not like the feel of a popsicle stick (icy pole stick). I intentionally keep the wrapper and hold my frozen goods until it is completely finished. I do not like the feeling I have when I hold it, run my hands along it or even accidentally bite onto it. Furthermore, whenever I visited the doctor I HATED when they use to check my throat so with the help of my parents and the constant tears the doctors got the memo. That goes for any type of wooden material such as; wood to cut, cooking appliances or even unpolished wooden chairs. I will purposely find another alternative so that I will not feel uncomfortable.  


I HATE ordering a different meal every time I visit a restaurant that I know of. Obviously, if my husband and I try a new restaurant together I will order a dish that I have never tried before so it’s an element of trial and error initially. But if we return to the same restaurant then I will order the same plate if I enjoyed it like the last time. My husband is more eager to try new things and at any site of food he is like a greyhound. The reason why I am like this is that I dislike paying money for food I am disappointed by. Just FYI people, Olive Garden in the United States is my favorite restaurant! Which leads me to my next point…


I DO NOT LIKE PICKY EATERS! I can understand if your meat is cooked rare and you wanted well done, that sort of thing makes sense. But come on guys, if you are to the point where you send your meal back three times in one night I will get highly frustrated and probably will not suggest going out for dinner again. Instead, I will encourage going to a bar or some type of place that requires little attention to food. This is not me hating picky eaters TRUST ME, I like my meat well done so if it’s not cooked that way I will send it back myself but I am talking about the over the top people. 


I am a killer for window shopping and a great sale! Yes, everybody, I am loud and proud to say I am a shopaholic! I will never pay full price for my clothes. In fact, I get more joy out of window shopping because I see so many items I want to buy but when they go on sale I immediately grab them. I love to search for all the fashion websites, fashion blogs and even Pinterest for the latest looks. Yes, I look at fashion every day it relieves my stress. You will never see me buy the exact same look that I see on a model on any fashion website so I create my own trend by adding different items to the original look in my head and/or in person.


Dogs! Beware of Dogs! I have an extreme phobia of dogs. When I was younger I had a pretty traumatic experience in a New York park with a couple of Pitbulls. Yes, for those who know me well already I have a chocolate labrador at home his name is Teddy. But if I do not know your dog or see a dog on the street I immediately start to panic and will do anything to get away. And just for future reference….people please remember DO NOT RUN! I made that huge mistake in a park in Melbourne, Australia. The shaggy dog thought I was playing and chased me all the way around the park until I could cross the street and get inside with my grandma. 


I can play sport and write with both of my hands equally. A term called ambidextrous. As a young girl, I started off writing with my left hand and then switched to my right hand. Although, still to this day I can write a sentence well enough to never know I switched hands. In addition, all throughout my basketball career, I shot the ball with my right hand but I LOVED handling the basketball with my left (Scouting Tip). Any other racket sport I play with my left hand and I love to kick with my left foot. It is quite strange but some days I feel more left handed than right handed and then other days I feel more right handed than left. Yes, I know… MAKE UP YOUR MIND GIRL!


My last point is I am a mirror twin. The definition of a mirror twin is that we have the exact same features but opposite asymmetric features to each other. Although I am ambidextrous, mirror twins have opposite traits and my twin is left handed. We are currently on opposite sides of the world but without calling or talking to each other we may wear the same outfit, feel the pain of the other or feel extra emotional at times. We even say or think the same thoughts (crazy right!). We sense when something is wrong with one another and we know exactly what each other is thinking. We have our own made up twin language that only my sister and I will understand. 

You now know 10 things you didn’t already know about me!

Miss Rose 🌹

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