Simple Tips to Smart Handbag Shopping: What is in my Handbag?


Hi beautiful ladies!

Today I wanted to share with you some helpful tips on shopping for a new handbag. I also what to discuss must-have items I have in my personal handbag on a daily basis. I generally like to use three different styles and colorful handbags. My favorite three styles/colors include; a black tote, blush pink satchel and brown leather over-sized clutch.

It may sound a little cliche but I can honestly say that I am not a huge designer brand handbag fan. I know some of you may read this and faint, but I tend to find exactly what I need for nearly a third of the price you pay for a Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton handbag or accessory. Yes, I have heard it before that typical saying, “You get what you paid for.” But I cannot fully agree with this statement because at the end of the day it is about smart shopping. Which brings me to my next point… Where do I like to shop?

  • Charming Charlie (USA Store & My Go-To!)
  • Target (Around the World)
  • Collete (Australia)
  • Forever New & Forever 21 (USA & Australia)
  • Cotton On (Australia but only sometimes)
  • OVS (Switzerland)

Simple Tips to Smart Handbag Shopping

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Tip #1:

Pick three handbags that catch your eye. Specifically, pick three different styles you love or three of the same style but different colors depending on your need. I personally just tend to like variety.

Tip #2:

I will always inspect the handbag, the zips (yes I test the zips), how many compartments it has, and how much room this particular handbag provides depending on its purpose. This is just common sense. I don’t see the point of carrying a huge handbag out to a bar to grab a drink with a friend, instead, I would use maybe a nice sized clutch to go out. It is all about purpose ladies!

Tip #3:

Whether the handbag is on sale (which is always the best) or not look at the price tag! Sounds a bit ridiculous because that is what we would always do but compare prices and the purpose of why you need the handbag. If the handbag is on sale look at the original price it was marked down from. Then start to compare your items! I love a good sale so I like to set a limit of which the originally priced item was retailed for, and then if the sale has reduced its prices well enough it is worth buying! I set a limit of $50.00 and above for handbags and clutch bags depending on where I shop between $10.00- $30.00 at most.

FYI… I purchased both my black and blush pink handbags from Charming Charlie which cost at most $25.00 on sale, and my brown over-sized clutch which I purchased from Target on sale was reduced from $80.00 down to $10. So it’s that simple! 

What is in my Handbag?

The next part of my blog I would love to discuss the essential items I must-have in my handbag. I am going to break down the three handbags I use and what exactly I leave in them depending on the occasion I use them for.

Number 1: Black Tote Handbag (Simply for everyday use or occasionally when I go out for dinner with my husband).

This particular bag I love because it goes with every outfit I wear no matter if it is blush pink and has enough space to fit all of what I need. Everything I put in my handbag is all travel size. Items include;

  • Daily Planner (just a little bigger than my hand).
  • Perfume (Bath & Body Works travel size or a Victoria Secret rollerball).
  • Hand Lotion and/or Body Lotion (I love Bath & Body Works because they provide matching body lotion/perfume plus amazing hand lotion!).
  • Gum (Mint Flavor or Fruity Flavor depending on what the occasion is).
  • Makeup/ Lip balm (I always carry some extra powder and lip balm with me)
  • Subscription Glasses & Sunglasses (I will always have my sunglasses case whether the weather is good or not I am always prepared).
  • Tissues (Everybody at some point of the day or night will need a tissue including you).
  • Hand Sanitizer (A must especially if you have just sat down and there are a lot of people at a restaurant or there is a queue for the women’s bathroom)

Of course, you must always carry your Wallet, ID, Keys and Cell Phone but you should already know that!

Number 2: Blush Pink Satchel (For Work and Regular Lifestyle).

Blush Pink will always go with my outfit selection because it is my favorite color to wear. My list for this bag includes all the items I discussed above but I now include a regular size diary planner instead of a pocket size and a laptop (when headed to work). I also include my journal in this bag because I take it to work or I am able to sit at a cafe during my brunch coffee and write. I never buy items that are full size because it takes up way too much space in my handbag and it’s too heavy to carry if I have my laptop with me.

Number 3: Brown Leather Over-Sized Clutch (For Going Out and/or If I don’t feel like carrying a handbag today).

  • Rollerball Perfume
  • Hand Lotion or Body Lotion
  • Gum
  • Makeup Powder & Lip Balm
  • ID
  • Cash & Card
  • Cell Phone
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer

As you can see it may seem like a lot and you are probably picturing me to own three massive handbags but it really isn’t!

I am not ashamed to say this at all because still to this day I do not own a designer brand handbag although maybe one day I will who knows… but for right now I am content with the handbags I use and where I shop for them. You can never go wrong at a Charming Charlie in the United States it has SO MUCH VARIETY  in all of their products and they are grouped around the store color coordinated! It makes it so much easier to shop for the style you need and the color you love. I encourage you to visit a Charming Charlie one day.

Happy shopping ladies and I really hope this was helpful!

Miss Rose 🌹


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