Tips on Self-Love.

Hi beautiful people,

Today I wanted to share with you the importance of self-love & some helpful tips that will hopefully steer you in the right direction of loving yourself even better. 

Since I graduated from University I have been struggling with my skin for some months now. Okay, I will be honest I do get a little frustrated at times and question why I have breakouts but at the end of the day, it’s not that serious. My biggest mistake I always run into is questioning what will people think of me? I know that while being a model is hard work, there are so many important elements you have to do to ensure you look your best. But then I realized I don’t need to impress anybody. In fact, I wasn’t doing this to get more likes or followers on Instagram but I was doing this for myself. That is, loving who I am regardless of what I may look like to others. 

I don’t need the social recognition that I am loved because while you wait for somebody to say those three magic words, “I love you,” what about saying it to yourself sometimes while facing a mirror. Recognizing the value of self-love is probably one of the most important ingredients to improving quality of life. Here are some of the steps I used.

(hint: You do not have to follow all of these steps, but at least try one and see how you feel).

The First Step is Talk About Your Beauty.While it is a touchy subject for most young women nowadays, start off with something as small as your eyes. Learn to love them, find ways such as the length of your eyelashes, the sparkle you may have when you see your reflection from staring into your partner eyes, or even the color. Basically, what I am saying is simply find ways to love your beauty. Afterall, natural beauty is a girls best makeup. 

The Second Most Important Step is Change Your Mindset & Self-Talk. I spoke about this in one of my previous blogs but mindset and self-talk are essential. Rather than listen to the little voice in your head that says, “Your not good enough or prettier enough,” change it by adding positive thinking to it. “You are beautiful. I am amazing. You look fabulous. I am gorgeous.” Simple right? 

My Final Step is ALWAYS Reward Yourself For YOUR Hard Work! Pamper yourself by getting a facial, pedicure, manicure, a chocolate fix, a shopping spree, something that will lift your spirits. I truly believe that this works. After all, you deserve it right? You need to know that. 

Self-love during highschool was a little difficult for me. I went through the phase that most teenage girls go through but somehow I never knew how to get past this. I cut my hair off at 10 years old and left it short until I turned 21. While I was not the typical girly girl with my nails long and into the boys, I was very much apart of sport and I typically enjoyed playing outside in the mud. My twin sister and I use to always be called boys and people use question why we would use the women’s public restroom whenever we needed it. As you can imagine it was hard and I rarely used any public or school restroom facility. Sound crazy but it hurt me for a long time.

I know that this phase of my life was a little difficult and there is that saying that goes, “Everything happens for a reason,” but it truly does. I know the importance of self-love and nobody will ever take my identity away from me. I am a strong woman who loves myself regardless of my skin, haircut and whatever else people may find negative. Now my next point is to you. The person reading this. How does self-love improve your overall wellbeing? What benefits come from self-love?

  1. Reduction in Stress and More Desire to Work.Basically what I am saying is self-love puts that extra pep in your step to want to work harder. You know you are great. I found that my anxiety and stress level to accomplish school work and extracurricular significantly decreased and I was able to perform ALOT better!
  2. Complete Satisfaction with Life in General. I know that people struggle with this element sometimes in life. General happiness is key. The more satisfaction you have with yourself the more enjoyable life may seem. Which could mean something along the lines of visiting friends or going out for dinner, you may travel or even start writing a journal. I can be honest and say this part of my life is how I became a blog writer. Self-love taught me that I am appreciated and I have a platform to be me. 
  3. Drives You to Healthier Habits. Talking from experience, self-love helped me find ways to better my overall appearance such as finding organic products for my skin and to simply find ways to make myself feel great. For instance, eating more healthier meals or even making a smoothie in the morning. It is as simple as that. I take long walks, I exercise frequently, I engage with people I never use to talk to or want to hang out with. You become more confident.  
  4. Dealing with Adversity vs. Self-Loathing. When life takes some unexpected turns one which includes a breakup… sometimes people that have more self-love deal with this better. They find ways to deal with things and move on. I struggled with this for a long time in high school but now whatever comes my way I know I can knock it out of the park! 

Don’t be afraid. People often experience things that shape them into who they are in the present and I am one of those people. As I write to you all today, I sit here knowing I am wonderfully made despite all the negative things I use to think. Stand strong. Be bold. You are one of a kind. 

Self-Love. xoxo

Miss Rose 🌹

4 thoughts on “Tips on Self-Love.

  1. 1stephloves says:

    Such a good post. I’m all about Self-love at the moment. Really trying harder to be nicer and better to myself. I did a self-love post yesterday, so it’s nice to see other people talking about this. I think its such an important thing in life. You go girly ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • blushpinkrose says:

      Aww thank you so much. Honestly I’ve had to really overcome all these negative thoughts about myself and just change my whole mindset. I totally agree it is so important especially for women. I must have a read of your post! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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