#30DayChallenge – “The Beginners Guide to Starting Small”

Hi all,

Today I wanted to shift my focus to a recent book I finished reading over the summer that has really impacted my drive to reaching my full potential. As I discussed early last month I shared some of my thoughts on the novel, “The Power of Less.” In addition, I decided to read it again for the second time highlighting different points I found beneficial to my life at this very moment. I wanted to share with you a #30DayChallenge that I think would benefit you in some way! Here it goes…

“Create New Habits to Make Long-Lasting Improvements”

Here is where I began setting new goals. Achievable goals. Ones that didn’t take a long time to achieve but kept me busy in the process of achieving them. I would have to say this was by far the hardest for me. I had to eliminate things that were negative in my life and focus on creating new habits. Here is where I began my first…


My #30DayChallenge consisted of a lot of things. But ultimately I was here to challenge myself and reach my full potential. This is what my #30DayChallenge looked like! 

12 Habits to start with:

1. Set 3 MIT’s (Most Important Tasks/Goals). 

(a) Goal 1

(b) Goal 2

(c) Goal 3 

2. Single Task. 

I didn’t make my day so complicated that I never got anything done. Instead, I set out one achievable task a day and I was able to relieve some of that added stress.

3. Process your Inbox to EMPTY.

Whether this is your email inbox, the mailbox at home, cell phone messages or social media etc. Never leave your inbox full. This may sound ridiculous and for the longest, I thought well I will just reply back when I can, but the actual feeling of not having any messages in your inbox is refreshing. Try it one day, I promise you will feel even better. And if you have an overwhelming amount of messages to attend to, start in small increments.

4. Check Social Media Twice a Day.

For some, this may be extremely hard and I am a killer for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest but during my #30DayChallenge, it actually worked! I set out a time during my morning and after dinner to check my phone but I honestly became disinterested with always checking my social media accounts. It can be done!

5. Exercise 5-15 minutes Daily.

Exercise is my best friend and to be honest with you as a former athlete I can never sit still. Exercising really takes your mind off things such as work or any stressful events you have going in your life. I love a good yoga session or even meditation. During this time I like to go for 15-minute walks around our nearest Lake. I still do that to this day because again it just opens up my mind and I can take a break from everything.

6. Work while Disconnected. No Distractions.

This has become one of my favorites. All throughout University, I adopted this method of turning my cellphone either off or on silent away from my working station so that I could focus on what I needed to do. I cannot stress this enough! Take some time out of your day to disconnect from the world.

7. Follow a Morning Routine.

Whether that is breakfast, coffee, prayer, shower or even watching the news follow your routine daily. I know for me I love to pray, make my breakfast, journal, shower and then once I have completed my routine I then check my cell phone. Again keep it simple but enough to get your day started on the right note.

8. Eat More Fruit & Vegetables.

I know for some this can be hard but I actually wasn’t a huge fruit eater. I actually hated the taste of bananas and anything that had an unusual texture to it. But I actually took the time out and started to eat a piece of fruit every day. With all the health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables, I don’t know why I never did this before. Step out of your comfort zone people!

9. Keep Your Space Decluttered.

Whether that is your home, office, car or even school locker having a decluttered environment actually helps you to focus even better. I know it worked for me. I am not a fan of a mess anyway but this was an essential part of working towards my success.

10. Say No to Commitments and Requests That Are Not on Your Shortlist.

By shortlist I mean things that are not pushing you to achieve your goal. This could be as simple as declining a night out with girls to finish your presentation for work the next day. Very simple.

11. Declutter House/Office for 15 minutes a Day.

When I read this part of the book I thought well this is just silly but it actually made sense. In the process of cleaning, you are also clearing your mind away from the work you were currently doing. It is like taking a 15-minute break and becomes relevant to the decluttering phase #9 as you continue to work in a well set up environment.

12. Stick to Minimal Technology Usage Per Day.  

I try not to be on my phone all day unless it really is important for work purposes but again there are plenty of other things you could be doing. I found that I was consuming most of my time on my phone texting friends, social media and online shopping (a dangerous thing). Set some time out of your day to check your phone but it doesn’t have to be in the palm of your hand 24/7!

So hey, remember the rules people, follow them! Stick to one habit at a time for 30 days, I did it and so can you. Word of advice is to choose an easy goal that is achievable. Something that is measurable. Be consistent and don’t slack! Report in your journal or to a friend daily and most importantly keep a POSITIVE attitude.

Enjoy xo

Please leave a comment below on how it worked for you!

Miss Rose 🌹

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#Balance #LessIsMore

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