A Quick Recipe for Two: Honey Chicken & Spinach Pasta


Hey everybody,

For today’s blog, I want to share my very first recipe post with you all. It is a very simple pasta dish that should only take you 30-45 minutes. What actually sparked me to share my wonderful recipe was a dear friend of mine who actually happens to be another Australian that I met here in Switzerland. We both share a passion for cooking and what better way than to share ideas with each other! In addition, I received so many compliments on my presentation and most importantly my husband LOVED it! This recipe is ideal for two people but again you may add more of your favorite vegetables and cook it for the whole family. So let’s get started.


5 Mushrooms diced 

1/4 Cucumber diced

1 Onion diced

1/4 Garlic Clove diced

Olive Oil 

1 Tomato diced 

Spinach (Frozen cubes 7-8 blocks or fresh spinach!)

Wheat Pasta 



Ground Pepper

Chicken breast diced

Curry Seasoning (this also varies on preference but I used curry seasoning just to add a bit of spice to my chicken but nothing crazy) 


1. Begin by adding Olive Oil to your pan and turn it to about med/hot temperature. Place diced onions, mushrooms, garlic along with your diced cucumber in the pan. Add salt and ground pepper to your vegetables and cook until the onions are almost turning brown. Then add 1 diced tomato and a teaspoon of honey to your mix. Again if you want to add more salt or pepper that is up to you. Make sure to stir in vegetables a few times after a couple of minutes to ensure you get all of the flavors through. Turn down the heat once you feel the vegetables look great as you begin cooking your spinach in a separate pan.

2. I prefer to cook my spinach separately just to ensure I don’t make it too salty. For this recipe, I add 7-8 cubes of spinach (if frozen) again if you have bought fresh spinach the rules still apply. Place a little less than a teaspoon of Olive oil to your pan. Add 2-5mls of water to your spinach YOU DONT NEED A LOT OF WATER PEOPLE! Let it cook on medium temperature. Once you see the spinach starting to look well cooked add just over a teaspoon of honey and the necessary amount of salt and ground pepper to it. Stir through.

3. Once you see that the onions in your vegetable mix are somewhat brown add your spinach mix to it and turn heat up. Stir in ingredients! Once you feel that the spinach & vegetable mix looks great, let it sit on low temperature while you cook your chicken and pasta.

4. The most important part of this recipe is making sure you have a great marinade for your chicken! In this case, I made a honey base and a hint of curry. Add a teaspoon of Olive Oil to your pan and evenly spread it out. Before placing the diced chicken in your pan, place chicken in a bowl and marinate chicken with honey, salt, ground pepper and a hint of curry seasoning and mix through well with hands. Once each piece is completely covered add to the pan! Turn on med/hot and make sure to check chicken thoroughly before serving!

5. Wheat pasta is so simple to cook and actually one of my favorites to eat. As I said I used half a pack of wheat pasta, a hint of Olive Oil and added salt. Cook at med/hot temperature. Check pasta to ensure it is nice and soft!

Tip: When serving place pasta in a bowl first, spinach sauce second then add chicken on top. Stir through and ENJOY! 

I hope that this recipe was easy to follow and that it hits all of your taste buds. I look forward to sharing more recipes with you all. Bon Appetite!

Miss Rose 🌹


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