My First Christmas in Switzerland


Wow, what an incredible Christmas it has been. Before I entered Switzerland I made the decision to stay just for 3 months and then from there figure out if I should apply for a permit to stay longer. Now, of course, I should have already figured that out way before I even arrived but I knew that at some point if it was meant for me to stay it would work out. Almost 3 months went by and I was so indecisive of what I wanted to do because I knew I wanted to go home but at the same time, I wanted to stay here in Europe.

I made the decision to apply for my visa but I was informed that it was going to take at least 4-6 months for it to be even reviewed and processed. Although this may sound silly I wanted to apply for it anyway and if it didn’t work out then at least I knew I tried. My 90 days turned into 30 then into 10 and I still hadn’t heard from the embassy! I was beginning to get so impatient and upset because it meant that I had to book my flight almost immediately back to Australia which required A LOT of traveling. I knew at some point I had to make the long trip back but I wasn’t ready to leave, at least not yet. But hey guess what… just before my 90 days was up I received the best news ever! My visa was underway and that meant I could spend my first Christmas with my other half, oh my goodness!

It was the best Christmas gift that I had ever received for 2017!

Although, it didn’t snow I had experienced my first Swiss Christmas full of food, chocolate, cheese and enough wine to drink for days! Christmas Eve consisted of a beautiful brunch with some of the Pully Lausanne basketball team staff. We went to a place called Restaurant de l’Ours a Pizzeria located in the city of Lausanne. It was a fabulous restaurant because it had a nice variety of meals to choose from. I decided to go with a lasagna bolognese and my other half decided to go with a Hawaiin pizza. IT WAS DELICIOUS! To top it all off we decided to order a nice strawberry gelato to finish and I am so happy we did.

Christmas day was another great day. We spent it at one of the coaches places and had a beautiful brunch. It was an incredible house surrounded by vineyards in a town called Denges-Enchandes. We had some french toast (one of my favorites), a fruit salad, scrambled eggs and a great array of assorted food. I was expecting it to snow but sadly it didn’t, even though it was FREEZING to me! A good winter coat was highly recommended for Christmas day, to say the least.

As I reflect back on my Christmas I am so grateful to be able to experience the most wonderful time of the year here in Europe with my amazing husband. But I definitely missed my family so much. The crazy part is I was beginning to think that I may actually spend my first Christmas with them after 4 years of living in the United States… but somehow the man upstairs had other plans. Although Christmas didn’t feel quite the same without them I know that I will be with them sooner rather than later.

I can’t wait to see what my next Christmas will be like. Happy Holidays xo

Miss Rose 🌹

2 thoughts on “My First Christmas in Switzerland

  1. verilesr says:

    Lovely post and blog! I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland and it’s not even like I live far away from it, but for some reason I just haven’t made it there yet! It sounds like you still had a lovely Christmas even if you missed your family! Thanks for sharing, and I’m excited for your new posts! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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