March Issue: A Letter To My Sponsor Child // Letter #205

As the sunrise begins to go down, the reflection peeps through the crack of the window and into the room that is surrounded by the endless amount of books on a shelf. There sits a blank piece of paper on a rusty brown desk with your favorite pen placed beside it. The smell of a freshly lit candle engulfs the ever so lonely office that only you sit in to read a book for the fifth time. It is a room where reflection is upon you every single day that you enter it.

The night is still young and all you can hear are the birds chirping – almost the perfect evening to write to her. You are heavily sercum by emotion with tears running down your face every single time you sit down to express your thoughts to her. For many, a letter is all a child needs to feel like someone cares about them – you are a significant person in their life and a true mentor. So with that in mind, you make a hot tea with two biscuits on the side and begin to put pen to paper.

You begin to feel that instant connection between the very thoughts running through your head, to the sound and flow of the pen scribing along the paper. You know that with every letter that you write and with every monthly donation you give allows her to live one more day. And with that blank paper filled with love and care, it’s time to place it in your bag ready for the post the next morning. Your heart is filled with happiness something you know your child will feel when she reads it. The candle is blown out, the curtains are closed its time to get some rest – its long journey awaits tomorrow.

It travels high and low maybe even days to get to her. It goes through unimaginable travel to get into the palm of her hands. Although you can’t even begin to imagine how many people have handled your letter, she is the only one that knows its purpose. It’s the excitement that I see when I am opened. It’s the smile on your face that makes me feel happy. I can feel the excitement when she opens it.

It arrives in her hands safe and soundly – that is for you to keep my girl.

“Dear Kaiyah,

Hello. How are you? You my special girl are a gift. You are a light that shines ever so brightly in my life everyday. I am forever grateful that I can be here to help you smile. How is school? You are so smart. I sent a post card to share with you what I have been up to this past month. I went to Australia. I look forward to hearing from you. What did you do today?

Have a great day. ”

Miss Rose

Letter #205

I along with so many other people have seen what a small donation can do to prolong a child’s life in a third world country. For more information please visit the link below.


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