New Balance: Why I Decided To Change My Ways.

Hi all,

For the last couple of weeks, I have focused my attention on my transition phase from a student-athlete to a successful woman entrepreneur. I wanted to continue this series today and share with you some of the reason why I decided to change my ways for success.

For most of my life, I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities. I have grown up in a loving home with two incredibly talented sisters and parents. I was offered a full scholarship to attend University where I was able to play division 1 basketball and achieve a Bachelor Degree with zero debt to worry about! Thank God. There have been so many events in my life that I am truly grateful for, however, I no longer live in my family home or attend University…. so Ki what happened in that time that made you change your ways for the better?

I had realized that I was doing a lot of things to make other people happy. Please don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every part of my basketball collegiate career but it was the other things that weren’t associated with basketball. Such as; my health, my mindset, my spirit – all of the small things that had its biggest effect on me. I decided that I wanted to take a year off from basketball something that was essentially an easy decision to make. You know when you just need to turn off your iPhone, turn it back on and let it reboot itself so it works a little better – yeah that. I needed to reboot myself.

So here we are today. I am a lady that has a degree, an incredible man and continues to influence young adults for success. A drastic change in my life had occurred and I was honestly a bit unsure of where to begin. I guess first it was following a set routine again. For most of my life, I’ve had to get up before most regular people do. My mornings used to consist of a conditioning workout, individual basketball workout, team practice or weight lifting – something along those lines. I also needed to attend class on a regular basis as well as complete assignments whilst traveling on the road for basketball games – the list goes on.

Side note: Can I just say as a former student-athlete our schedules were beyond hectic and now that I look back I honestly don’t know how I did it? How we do it? There is so much that goes into being a student-athlete not just the free gear and days off from class! 

So my first drastic change as an adult was following a set routine in the morning which meant becoming a morning person again – something I actually have never struggled with, although, my sisters and husband, on the other hand, are scary in the mornings. I no longer had any rules to follow, I had no set alarm, I was in control and it was scary. But I went from a sleepy head to an upbeat morning person. I was able to accomplish a gym workout, emails and Facetime chat with my family – the list goes on all before midday.  I needed to find the right balance between my health, mind, and spirit in order to achieve success. In addition, I had to treat my life like I was going to work every day – I had to treat it like I had an assignment or practice to attend to, and I wanted to get out of this lazy phase. There goes that saying that, “Success doesn’t just come from nothing,” and I couldn’t agree more. I needed my routine back!


The next most important change was my mindset. I have always had a work hard mentality but it is funny once you take away something you have been doing your whole life like basketball, your body suddenly goes into cruise control. I have had to work for pretty much everything and I have been given everything in return – so what changed as I got older? I guess I expected for things to just fall into place for me. I became almost too relaxed with my life. I had accomplished everything I had set out to achieve. But I couldn’t just settle for what I had already achieved to get me through life – it required more effort. Traveling inspired my worth ethic to be elevated even more. I had to become more independent, more responsible and mature, I wanted a place to call home not just settle to always stay at my parents’ place. Furthermore, I became a frustrated adult who was too complacent with what I had. I guess it was that unsettling feeling I had inside that pushed me to want to work harder. If it meant I needed to read a little more than I did if it meant that I needed to disconnect myself from the world I would, I decided enough was enough.

~ Positive Mind, Positive Spirit ~

Through the transition process, I have noticed a few minor changes to my appearance, body, style, a knee injury, things I can and can’t tolerate, makeup, diet, all of the things I NEVER use to really think about whilst in University. Back in the day I actually had an “I don’t care what I look like attitude.” I was quite happy to walk down the street in a pair of sweats or out to dinner (I still do that sometimes haha). But it wasn’t until I got to Europe that I experienced what could be interpreted as teenage puberty all over again – sounds ridiculous right? All the little things that I never use to phase me suddenly became a HUGE insecurity of mine. Then it clicked. I was so consumed by making others happy that when I had time to take care of myself I had NO CLUE how to. This became sort of the turning point for me. I decided to pamper myself every time I reached a goal, I started to work out more, expand my style, continue to not rely on makeup to hide bad skin or eat terrible food – you get what I am saying. I made the necessary changes to contribute to my overall happiness which resulted in a better work ethic for success.

I will conclude by saying, basketball will always be apart of my life and I look forward to getting back out on the court VERY VERY SOON! But for all of my readers, you will be surprised at how much change can do for you. It is a scary process, trust me, but it can also work in your favor too!

Thank you, beautiful people. Please leave a comment. xo

Miss Rose

6 thoughts on “New Balance: Why I Decided To Change My Ways.

  1. Traceye Rapinett says:

    Wow, how did the young girl I taught back in primary school become such a wise young woman.
    I will never forget the conversation I had with you and your sister when you expressed you dream of playing in the WNBA when you got older.
    All the time I was thinking how do I tell these girls that there dream may be a long shot, without crushing their hope and spirit. Boy was I wrong!
    I sit here, so proud of the women you have become and am blessed to have played a small part in your lives. Reading your post fills me with pride and admiration for what you have achieved and the people you have become.
    My love to you both.
    Miss Rapinett xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • blushpinkrose says:

      Thank you! I think for me right now is to focus on the present and work as hard as I can so that I can have an even brighter future. I get so caught up on not having certain things that I get extremely frustrated. Although I have certainly ticked ALOT off my goals list I just need to continue to stay positive through it all. In addition, as I continue to get older my focus is shifting towards what I want which I highlighted in my post. My happiness is just as important too. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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