A Beginners Guide: What Separates You From Other Bloggers?

Hi beautiful followers,

Welcome to the third day of my #MaySeries. Today’s post is influenced by the ongoing debate about the importance of finding your niche as a blogger. I have decided to share some thoughts on how I began and the importance of being unique in the blogging world. As much as I want to tell you that blogging is extremely difficult, I have come to the realization that it shouldn’tย be. You actually control the amount of work you take on and the level of effort you put forth to achieve success. I am a firm believer that you should never take on more than you can handle. But what about social media? How do I get more followers or a company to reach out to me? Truth is, your time will come. That has been the biggest lesson that I have learned through my first six months of blogging. Do I have an incredible amount of followers, no but do I love what I do, absolutely! It is all apart of the process and the ability to remain patient.

3 months ago I came across an amazing Youtuber by the name of Lydia E Millen who continues to inspire me every day. One day I decided to sit down and spend some time reading a few of her blogs. In addition, I was immediately drawn to her post titled, “How not to be a basic blogger.” What stood out to me the most was the question she asked towards the end of her post, “What makes people like/follow/read your blog?” For me, that was kind of the turning point as a blogger. What exactly did my followers enjoy about me? Was it the content I produced? The pictures I shared? What was it that made me stand out from other bloggers? Then it clicked. I spoke with honesty and confidence something that I used on a daily basis whether that was in life or on the basketball court.

I want to encourage you to never ever feel like you NEED to fit into a blogger trend or follow a set algorithm. If you love to talk about weather well go ahead talk about it. If you enjoy traveling post about it. Never settle to copy an idea or follow a particular trend because you feel it will benefit you in some way. Be yourself! Over the recent months, I have noticed so many bloggers wear the Gucci belt or buy a straw bag because it is a bloggers trend. I am not saying that there is a problem with you purchasing any of those items, at all, so please don’t get me wrong! But there goes that saying, “if you are ready to be original be ready to be copied,” I live by those words every day. There is NOTHING wrong to set your own trend even as a blogger.

Continue to be you, the followers will come and most of all remain patient as hard as it may be!ย Please leave me a comment and stay tuned for an exciting announcement that I cannot wait to share with you tomorrow!

Miss Rose ๐ŸŒน

4 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide: What Separates You From Other Bloggers?

  1. jasonlikestotravel says:

    Completely agree. My blog-post with the best numbers was my most personal and came once I’d stopped worrying about what people wanted to read and rather focus on what I wanted to write about.
    Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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