A Rainbow of Autumn Colors: Fall Journal Entry & Reflection.

Autumn is the season where it’s not quite time to get your big woollen sweaters out but the nights do get a bit brisk so a jacket is quite handy to have. I find Fall season to be that time of year where I come down with the usual cold because my body can’t quite seem to figure out if it’s really warm or cold enough. One of my favorite bloggers Emma Hill was spot on with what she said about the Autumnal season, that is, it’s quite an awkward season to figure out what to wear on a daily basis. I couldn’t agree more! However, there is nothing more perfect than to see the leaves on trees turn that beautiful orange/yellow tone as they fall to the ground and you get to do one of those cool boomerang stories on Instagram – yay!

Today’s Post is a Journal Entry.

I am literally sitting at our nearest family park surrounded by beautiful Autumn leaves with fresh brisk air as the sun slowly begins to set. The park here is beautiful. It has a full-size basketball court, a botanical garden to explore, endless amounts of park benches and free land to have a picnic. It also has a children’s playground which for big kids like myself have the urge to sit on the swing and forget about the rest of my world problems – only kidding. They even have a walking track that people can ride their bikes on or for the more fitness inclined people to go for a run. However, I have decided to take the more relaxed approach today and sip some coffee while I devour this block of chocolate – healthy right?

I love the season of Autumn because it’s a season where I become more of a chronic tea drinker. Okay, I lie, I still have my one coffee per usual but especially in the evening time, I tend to gravitate towards a good chai tea or green tea to soothe my soul – perfect before heading to bed. If our weather could consistently stay between 21-23 Celcius which is about in the 70’s in Fahrenheit I would be a very happy girl. I love weather like this, because it isn’t too hot but isn’t too cold either, it’s just perfect!

With the change of the Autumn leaves which to be honest are everywhere right now it sort of reminds me of my life. It’s funny how the weather can almost automatically dictate what sort of mood you will be in. I know for me that is generally the case. I find this season to be more a reflection period than anything really. It’s a time in which my life is in refresh mode – the old habits I once had are slowly disappearing for a new change to happen. I haven’t had the opportunity to really analyze Fall season and the correlation it has with my life like this, I guess because I’m sat here staring at all of the beautiful trees right now and the changing of colors which illustrate my current situation. Anyways I am excited for what lies ahead.

I have a few things on my mind right now, all of which is a bit too long to express on paper. But I wanted to write down 7 goals for the upcoming month that I think is achievable.

  1. Get back into a regular schedule. Start waking up early complete a gym workout and finish job-related tasks before 5pm.
  2. Continue to work on me!ย Health. (skin, take my vitamins and continue to improve my iron level) Workout.ย With the move to Europe, things have been a bit unsettling but now that we are on our feet again I need to use my membership to its full value. Take time out and reward myself. Go shopping, pamper day, hot bath, read a book… etc. Do what makes you happy girl!
  3. Find some paid freelance writing work while I, unfortunately, can’t work here. The extra cash would be so ideal for me right now.
  4. Consistently publish blog content every Monday & Thursday.
  5. Increase my followers over all of my social media platforms and most importantly my blog.
  6. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SOCIALIZE. Connect with new people here in Europe. Find like-minded women to spend time with. Go out for coffee, lunch – don’t always be stuck in the house bored when hubby is at practice or away for basketball games.
  7. Learn two new recipes to cook. (one healthy meal & one dessert)

I know I can do this. I just need to get motivated again.

Until next time, I best be off I have a bit of a journey ahead. I need to cook hubby some dinner before he gets back from practice. Oh and don’t forget you’re an amazing wife with a beautiful heart. Stay positive girl!

Miss Rose ๐ŸŒน

4 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Autumn Colors: Fall Journal Entry & Reflection.

  1. whitelilylifestyleblog says:

    I love this! So many Fall vibes ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ Itโ€™s so true about being difficult to find the right thing to wear in the Fall ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but being able to sit and watch the pretty leaves makes it all worth it ๐Ÿ˜Š my favorite season!!
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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