On Sunday We Eat Pancakes: A Fun Evening Spent in Lausanne

Hey beautiful people,

Today I wanted to share a cute short blog about a pancake place I found whilst living here in Switzerland. It’s super affordable, beautiful decor and incredible vibe. If you love pancakes please continue reading – you won’t be disappointed!

I woke up around mid-day Sunday craving some delicious pancakes – it’s been a while since I had pancakes, to be honest. However, for anybody that has visited Switzerland would know most places are closed on Sunday. I guess it’s a day of rest which I can totally understand but I wanted pancakes arghhh! Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? I asked Google to tell me what was open…

Here are the top 4 places that popped up on my iPhone:

  1. PANCS
  2. Black Bird Cafe
  3. Cafe-salon Java
  4. Cafe de Grancy

Out of the four food places, only one place was open until late evening – I’m talking 11pm YAY! So here I was checking the reviews, location, and menu like a typical tourist would do. PANCS received a 4.6 rating and nothing but positive comments, I just knew IT WAS A SIGN! So we planned a cute date to eat Pancakes and we loved every moment of it!

Prior to our pancake date night, my hubby went to the gym to do an active recovery after a tough game Saturday night. While I waited for him to finish I went and grabbed a coffee from Starbucks. After we both finished what we had to do, I decided to leave a bit early from my location and check out PANCS myself – oh my goodness it was super cute! I was beginning to get excited because while I got myself a seat so many people were ordering food that I knew it was the right place to be! Hubby met up with me and we ordered two DELICIOUS meals. Here is what we recommend you order and IT’S SUPER AFFORDABLE!

  • Chicken Teriyaki Panc: A crepe filled with chicken, pepper, lettuce, teriyaki sauce. MOST POPULAR!
  • Banana Speculos: Two Pancakes with Nutella drizzle, whipped cream, banana, and biscuits.
  • Lemonade: Passionfruit flavor (most requested!)

The customer service was 5 star and the staff also speak English – which is awesome! PANCS also has wifi and an incredibly relaxed vibe. The music is pretty awesome too might I add. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening together and cannot wait to go back.

I hope you enjoyed my post. If you have any more recommendations of other food places to try please leave me a comment.

Miss Rose 🌹

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