New Inspiration Makes Way, Like a Brand New Chapter in a Book.

I make it a personal challenge for myself to achieve 7 goals that I set out at the beginning of each month. I like to challenge myself because it helps me become a better woman and it’s all about personal growth. I will be honest with you, I don’t always tick each of my 7 goals off the list but I come pretty near to it.

I spoke about this in one of my previous blogs that Autumn for me is really a time of reflection. I try to learn from my mistakes as much as I can. Furthermore, I look at it as a fresh new start when the seasons change to get my life together. It doesn’t happen overnight – success is not given to you. That is something I have learned over the years of adulthood.

I just finished a great book by Nicole Lapin, “Boss B****” – she is such a girl boss! If you have the opportunity to purchase her book PLEASE I highly recommend reading it! One of the many things I took away from Ms. Lapin book is “Time. Is. Money.” Every day that you spend putting in the effort to reach your goals, you are one step closer to being financially free. She is so right! Stop making excuses as to why you’re not focused enough, stop worrying about the person sitting next to you, instead, boss up and become the person you want to be! 

As I reflect back on the month of October, I have realized that life is all about perspective. Everybody is going through something different and that’s just life – good or bad, it happens. Sometimes you are put into situations that are out of your control. Other times you have the ability to control the situation but you feel uncomfortable speaking up and saying no. Uh hello I’ve been in a couple of those situations *raises a hand.* But life shouldn’t get you down nor should it dictate how your future should be. Instead, you create your own reality and everybody has the opportunity to focus on their own life. I think this has been my biggest test yet.

Friendships are such a beautiful thing. I love my small circle of friends because we understand each other and I am sure that is the same for you too. However, one of my October goals this year was to make new friends (no set number) in the country I am currently living in. I have met some incredible people so far and I am so grateful to have formed a connection with them. In just a small space of time here are some things I have learned along the way:

  1. Good friendships are hard to come by especially in your 20’s.
  2. Not everybody is on the same level as you despite being the same age as you.
  3. Not everybody is ready to settle down like you.
  4. There is no judgment-free zone everybody has an opinion. 

So as I round up my October monthly reflection, it’s fair to say that while we try to stay on the straight and narrow, there will always be something to try and knock us off our path. Life is not perfect and neither am I. But life is an exciting challenge. November 1st is here and that means it’s a new monthly focus to get better. I hope you enjoyed my post. Let us flip to the next chapter as new inspiration makes its way in our life.

Please leave me a comment and let me know some of your November goals.

Miss Rose 🌹

11 thoughts on “New Inspiration Makes Way, Like a Brand New Chapter in a Book.

  1. Karen Bradshaw says:

    Good friendships are truly hard to find as we get older. I’m now 33 and the one friend I can trust and rely on no matter what is someone I’ve been close with for 26 years !

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  2. Chloe Chats says:

    This was a great read, so positive and lovely. I’ve recently moved away from my hometown to a city and it was scary because I knew i’d be leaving all my friends behind but I knew that i’d visit them and they’d visit me whenever we could! It’s also nice to make new friends where I live now 🙂

    Chloe xx

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  3. Forestwood says:

    ” life shouldn’t get you down nor should it dictate how your future should be…. you create your own reality and everybody has the opportunity to focus on their own life.”
    That is quite profound. Acceptance of our own and others stage in the journey of life is a valuable lesson I wish I had learnt in my twenties. Your photo in the avenue of sycamore trees caught my eye. Beautiful photo and one I had seen in a garden in Japan recently. Living in a sub tropical country that beautifully scenic spot in nature, would be a perfect spot for reflection.

    Liked by 1 person

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