It’s a Twin Thing: What It’s Really Like Having a Twin Sister!

Hi beautiful people,

Today’s post is actually probably one of my favorites since I began blogging. I thought I would write an honest piece and share with you what it’s really like to be a twin – yay! This idea stems from the endless amount of questions my sister and I receive on a daily basis. Most of the time people are shocked to hear that I have a twin because well supposedly I don’t act like I am a twin – I know confusing. I’ll elaborate a bit more on that later in the blog. So let’s dive straight into it!

We were born June, 20th 1994 – two weeks premature we were actually due on my Grandmothers birthday! My sister whose name is Tenaya (nickname Tee) was born first weighing in at 6 pounds 8, and then I came along just 3 minutes after weighing in at just 5 pounds 12. Sadly, I cannot pull the “I am older” twin thing, however, people assume I am older due to the fact that I act older *wink.* From birth, I think we established that Tenaya was more the serious one and I was the loud one. I say this because well Tee came out making no noise and I came out screaming! And nothing has changed, I am loud and proud, Tee is always serious.

By definition, we are considered mirror twins.

Mirror image twins are a type of identical (monozygotic) twins. The term “mirror image” is used because the twins, when facing each other, appear as matching reflections. They have the same physical features but some are opposite.

For example, if one twin is right-handed the other twin may be left-handed. 

Growing up, we were the type of twins who thanks to my lovely parents dressed us in matching outfits but always different colors (to tell the difference). And before you ask me the question of, “do you girls still dress the same even as adults?” The answer is always going to be YES – whenever we see each other there is no doubt about it.

The Twin Myth

I am almost certain that every set of twins has been asked these types of questions. Do we ever feel each other pain? Do we know when something is wrong? Can we finish each other sentences? etc… I cannot speak on behalf of ALL twins but I can honestly answer YES to each of the questions I stated above. To some people, this may sound absolutely ridiculous, however, we know when something is wrong, we most definitely feel each other pain including when one gets her cycle – crazy I know.

I can recall two instances where we felt each other pain during surgery. I had torn my meniscus and Tee felt a lot of pain throughout my entire procedure. The same goes for when Tee had her femur operated on – I felt the entire thing (less painful). There are times where we know exactly what the other one is thinking and to make it even more trippy we created our own language from the time we could communicate. We just have to give the other one a look and instantly we know what is going on. It’s giggle central from there!

When we began elementary school, I think this is where we began finding our sense of identity. Tee was very much a tomboy who loved the color blue and I was the girly girl who loved the colors pink and purple – still remains the same today. We were both sporty, could roll around in the mud ALL day and beat up the guys during lunchtime football – a truly fond memory of ours. And before you ask, “Did you ever play tricks on your teachers or friends?” The answer is always YES until, well, one day we got caught during reading time at school – hehe.

We grew up with pretty much the same group of friends, but we definitely had one best friend other than each other. If one of us went to get some water, well best believe the other one would be right behind doing the same thing – we were inseparable. I’d say all the way up until I got ready to go off to college in 2013 in the United States.

Tee and I have a love for basketball. It’s been in our blood since we could walk. My dad taught us everything we needed to know about the game. There have been some challenging times as twins in our career where one didn’t get selected for a top team and/or people comparing the both of us to the different skills we had.

I grew up ALWAYS as a shooter, Tee was a point guard who could shoot the ball too. To each of our strengths, people loved to compare us and it got pretty frustrating, to say the least. The beauty of the game is that despite all of the haters we had we were both pretty successfully individually. It was pretty tough when one twin didn’t get selected for a state or world team, but for most of our career, we played together through rep ball.

Instead of attending parties, we were the girls to stay out late at night wanting to shoot on our basketball ring until mom and dad said to come inside. We played against each other but it was NEVER serious, always a light session typically to get shots up ready for practice or games. In addition, we wore number #34 and #35 to confuse people. I think the best part for us was wearing the same shoes during a basketball game. One would wear a blue shoe on the right foot, and one red shoe on the left – you can imagine how confused coaches and players use to be! Hmm, the things we use to do.

Sport was just one part of our life that we both enjoyed, however, we love music too. The beauty about being a twin is we can jam together which often happened extremely late at night – often when homework had to be done. We have written songs – enough for multiple albums. We play multiple instruments and sing, so life away from the court is pretty bloody fantastic! Music is still the most enjoyable I think now that we are older. I love to act a fool and Tee just sits there laughing or wondering what exactly is wrong with me – hehe as I said we are two TOTALLY different people.

Like I stated previously about finding our sense of identity, leaving my sister behind to experience college was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But I am so glad I did because we each were able to find new things on our own. It sounds really silly but it was time for us to be an individual person as well. I’m not sure if you totally understand what I am saying here but there comes a time where it’s time to live your own life too.

I will always be a twin, we will always have that connection no matter the distance but there are some things that we needed to experience on our own. If we both had it our way I think it’s pretty clear we would have our own apartment together, living in the same country and basically playing basketball/music together – let’s be 100% honest here. But we are flourishing at the things we enjoy and we are working together to better each other every day.

So that’s a little twin story wrapped up in a blog for you. Tee and I never go a day without speaking on the phone or texting one another. If we don’t hear from the other we know that something is wrong. But no matter the distance we are best friends and I cannot wait to get back on the court with her!

If you have any questions other than the ones I have already answered PLEASE leave me a comment. Thank you for reading.

Miss Rose 🌹

1-year Anniversary Special.

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18 thoughts on “It’s a Twin Thing: What It’s Really Like Having a Twin Sister!

    • blushpinkrose says:

      Haha I think my mom LOVED it. My sister was not a fan of dresses so that made it quite difficult at the same time. I definitely think the pain thing is not experienced by all twins but I would definitely have to say that we do experience it.

      Thank you so much for your comment xo


  1. Batmom85 says:

    Wow how amazing! I’m fascinated by twins. You have a built in best friend for life. I really enjoyed this post and I could feel the love you have for you sister and basketball. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie Wade says:

    Excellent post Kiara! I love listening to your twin stories. I can’t tell the two of you apart in the childhood photos. So happy to have you in my life. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ajarnett says:

    Thank you for writing this. I have younger fraternal twin sisters and am now expecting identical twins myself. My sisters are thrilled. It’s been a lot of emotional and physical work growing these babies, but I’m over halfway through the pregnancy now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blushpinkrose says:

      Oh my goodness congratulations! I know my mother found it quite hard growing us. She was actually hospitalised the last three months because she was so big. She’s only 5’4 so she is tiny! However, all the best with the experience lovely! It is all worth it in the end. And of course I am bias but twins are so cool! hehe xx


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