Four Simple Keys To Improving Your Success.



Hi beautiful people,

Today is going to be an evening that I want to share a few thoughts on success – short and simple. I really should have titled this post, “November Thoughts,” because I find myself yet again reflecting on my life but in a way that I think is positive for 2019 – I can’t believe I am saying the year 2019 right now! Where has the time gone!? The idea of this post stems from my recent ‘Year-End Review‘ that I was so kindly sent as part of my subscription to Leaders in Heels. A fabulous company that I would highly suggest checking out their website! 

However, back to what I was saying I decided last night (although I am one month early), I would evaluate my year. The evaluation has a series of questions and a scaling system from 1-10 being the best of how well your year has been. It incorporates things like finance, networking, family time, love, career, business, personal development, personal time, fun and happiness, home and surroundings, and one of my favorite leadership. It wasn’t until I got to the very end of the evaluation that it suggested: 

  1. Review the past year. (which I have already done)
  2. Re-order my new planner.
  3. Celebrate my successes over the past year.


The first thing that I thought about was what kind of success did I accomplish this year? Why haven’t I celebrated it yet? I think as a whole we can get so caught up in the struggles of life that we forget about ourselves in the process. It’s so easy to say well I just didn’t have the time or it’s not important but honestly honey YOUR EFFORTS WHETHER BIG OR SMALL ARE IMPORTANT TOO! I’ve stated this in one of my previous blogs before, that is, when I think about success it is about the journey in which you have gone through to get to where you are today. Celebrate it! 



The second thought of the evening is about energy. It’s never really dawned on me but I really believe that what we put out is what we will attract and/or receive in return. If I continue to put out negative energy, negative thoughts, and continue to put others down, what am I gaining out of that? Nothing. After realizing that my year was filled with challenges that may have been prevented, it made me think of this quote (stated above) from one of my favorite girl bosses Nicole Lapin – it is also my second key to improving ones success. 


The next thought concludes from all of the events that took place throughout my year. Both good and bad somehow I really believe that there was a purpose to why things worked out the way they did. Some events may have been preventable like a stated above, however, 12 months ago I wouldn’t be sitting here writing how my life has transformed for the better if  I didn’t experience everything this year. There are so many positives that can be drawn from negative situations – difficult times won’t last forever. 


Lastly, my thought of the day and why I continue to do what I love is recognizing that success isn’t just given to you for free. All of your hard work will pay off one day. In order for you to be successful at the things you enjoy – you must give yourself the chance to turn your passions into opportunities. If you have an opportunity to market your business in a way that because profitable in the long run then go for it. NEVER settle for being just comfortable with your life – you should always want more. #consistent

It’s been a great year full of many highs and a few lows but I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for those challenges. Here I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Put that extra foot forward and transform your life into something fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Miss Rose 🌹








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