Coffee Talk: A Conversation With Myself Journal.

Dear Thursday,

It’s been a fairly productive day, to say the least. I had a nice sleep in, something I’ve been struggling to do for about a week now. I also decided to do my workout at home today, no reason for it I just I felt like it. After a week of what felt like sleep deprivation, literally, I have found the cure for my lack of sleep – thank goodness. I’ve decided that working from my bed during the evening time just doesn’t work for me because my brain will not switch off when necessary. My cure and where I am currently writing my blog post is at my favorite coffee shop that I discovered this week – it’s called L’Impressions. I find that I can disconnect from anything that is distracting me and focus more on my work including the slow yet exciting formulation of my book. I’m also using this time to simply have a conversation with myself about what my potential future plans will be – it’s almost like somebody is sitting here with me right now while I sip my hot latte macchiato and devour this amazing banana bowl.

I don’t like to jump too far in advance with my plans – I’m generally a go with the flow type girl. However, I want to make a few changes leading into next year so I can tick off some of the things I want to achieve personally. Okay, let’s be real here! It’s a coffee talk journal so I am being completely honest today. The first challenge I face is my employment status. I’ve had my fair share of jobs over my young adult life but now it’s becoming more of a reality as I hit well and truly into my 20’s. It’s now time for my own apartment, car, to be debt-free, it would even be nice to go shopping without the worry of transferring my savings into my checking account. Realistically, I would love to have my account mirror the digits of my cell phone number. It seems like such an unrealistic goal but I love a good challenge. If I could have it my way, I would love to get to the point where my blog allows me to receive a monthly salary so that I don’t have to rely on people – pet peeve! There are ways to do that like monetize my blog – the list goes on. However, blogging isn’t just a walk in the park job. And like any job hiring, it’s all about the experience, time and effort you put into your work. The second challenge I face is lighting up my candle again to get back on the basketball court. For those who know me, I started playing basketball at the age of 7. I am now 24 years old with a pretty exciting basketball journey to share. I wouldn’t say I’ve “retired” but I’ve taken a much-needed break – I felt burnt out. However, I have that opportunity to play again and I know what I want it’s just all a mental game! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL.

Here’s the beauty about marriage. I have an incredible husband who supports me financially but he also encourages me to have my own thing going too. It’s so nice to know that your husband and friends want you to succeed as well. I can remember when having a phone conversation with a close friend of mine about my future. The main point they highlighted is that two incomes are better than one – this is so true! Unemployment is not a fun thing but it’s something that can be fixed in due time. Yes I know, would, could, should… things happen for a reason. Anyways, I finished my coffee along with my delicious chocolate they include with their service. I’ve let my frustrations out on my blog today so here’s to a successful 2019.

Thank you for reading,

I would love to hear your thoughts by leaving me a comment.

Miss Rose 🌹


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