9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From The Professional Wife Experience.

I never imagined my life to be like this. Truth is, I never knew I would be living in a totally new country other than Australia or even the United States. I’ve had so many questions asking what it’s like living abroad with a professional athlete. So today I wanted to share what it’s really like as a pro-wife.

For those that know our story well, my now husband and I met in college and fell in love. We were the Love & Basketball couple of Norfolk State University which, to be honest, was a pretty cool experience – you can find that story which is a feature on my home page or Youtube interview linked on “my story” tab. So here we are together in Switzerland for the second year in a row. I think I’ve learned a lot more the second time around than my first year experience – so let’s dive straight into the 9 most important things I’ve learned.

 1. Vacation Mode. It’s not forever!

To be fair, after completing University in May 2017 I used my husband’s first year as a more of a vacation. Now I’ve had so many people ask why I never jumped straight into the pro career too or even take a job back in Australia? Truth is, I felt extremely burnt out. It’s a great way to enjoy a vacation but honey it’s not forever. Visiting your spouse for a few months is an awesome option or if you are willing to take an extended vacation like I have – go for it! It’s whatever works best and I encourage that you are both on the same page with the decision.

2. Are You Prepared To Put Your Career on Hold?

This second point is kind of a touchy subject for me. I made the decision and we both agreed together it was something we wanted to see work. This is totally your decision but I do encourage that you have something going for yourself – I’m ready to get back to what I enjoy! Like I said vacation mode is not forever. It’s amazing to be taken care of but I strongly agree that you should be able to provide for yourself too.

3. Explore!

A new country means hey you can be a tourist while hubby is at practice! I think I have taken this on board a bit more this year than my first year. Don’t let the language barrier deter you away from enjoying yourself and the country you are currently living in! Google translation has been my best friend, until well I finally realized that English is just as important in this country as French. I’ve come across so many cute places, people who speak English and restaurants I would have NEVER seen/met if I didn’t explore. Step out of your comfort zone.

4.  Visa Restrictions Are Not Always A Bad Thing.

Be sure to check visa options before considering moving to the country your partner is signing a contract to. Sometimes the team will help you other times in most of the EU you can travel on a visitors visa up to 3 months. Each country has different laws. There are plenty of different visa types here, however, be sure to find the right type that allows you to stay for the duration of the desired time you want to stay. Visas can be a little tricky and they can sometimes take a very long process to receive.

5. Learn A Language/Enrol in a Course.

Every day that you have spare time is a great way to learn a new language. I am not an expert at French, however, I am starting to understand a bit more than I did the last time I was here. At least attempt to understand the very basics of the language so if for whatever reason you get stuck or need something you can ask. The same applies to enroll in a University course online for example; a business course. If you have the time don’t waste it by twiddling your thumbs bored.

6. Meet New People.

This was something I was so scared to do the first time I arrived here in Switzerland. But the second time around I have met some incredible people. It only takes a second to ask where are you from? Then one thing leads to another and you have scheduled a coffee date. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s worth a try. If a person speaks the same language as you well hey there’s something in common already! I know it might sound a bit creepy but trust me it goes a long way, especially in a foreign country.

7. Learn A New Skill. 

My friends and family know I was not inclined to step foot anywhere near the kitchen. For years I thought I was just a terrible cook and that whoever married me would just have to be the chef- terrible thinking. However, I even surprised myself and I am now a self-taught master chef in the kitchen. I encourage you to learn a new skill while you’re away from your family and friends. I think the pressure is less demanding, to be honest.

8. Me Time is Key.

Spending time with your partner every day is GREAT, however, there will eventually be a time that a bit of space is truly needed. My husband and I spend a lot of quality time together but we also enjoy time to ourselves. Read a good book, take a bath, go for a walk, workout, go for a run, visit your nearest coffee shop, or even write in your journal. Do the things you enjoy.

9. Document Every Moment. 

Take pictures. Journal your daily activities. Document special days, anniversaries and first-time experiences. If you are the technology savvy person like my husband a camera or even a Polaroid will come in handy. I cannot even begin to tell you that documenting all of our memories together while living away from our family, and experiencing a lot of first-time things together, is the best to look back upon. If your partner hates the camera well honey nothing is stopping you!

So there you have it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time away. I support my husband 100% and he supports my every move too! However, there comes a time when you need to get back to what you enjoy best. Money is essential nowadays, it’s an everyday conversation. Don’t live life regretting an opportunity you never took. Instead, take a risk sometimes. I did and I have loved every bit of it! #prowife #prolife

I hope this was informative and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

Be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Miss Rose 🌹


4 thoughts on “9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From The Professional Wife Experience.

  1. Chloe Chats says:

    This is a fab post, and helpful tips for anyone going through similar things as you. I’d definitely feel the same as you in that I wouldn’t want to just put my own life on hold, a long vacation sounds amazing but afterwards I’d definitely want to get back to my own dream job. It must have been scary going to a different country and then having to make friends, I would struggle with that but there is a lot of lovely people every where!

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • blushpinkrose says:

      I am quite the shy person but honestly and I’ve said this a few times in my blog posts that making friends in my 20’s is so much harder. I think I just got to the point where I needed to get over the fear. It’s helped me alot traveling to be completely honest. Thanks for your comment beautiful, you are always so supportive! xx


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