Girl Boss Moves – Life Update. What’s Really Going On.

Wow, last time I checked in was almost a month ago. Not sure if this whole blogging thing was just a phase but I found myself taking a much-needed break from the social media world. I find it becoming more of a trend – a social media detox. I guess there have been a few people that have been wondering what exactly has been going on. I decided that 2019 is a year of making Girl Boss Moves.

I am back in the game and excited to share with you what exactly has been going on in the past month. If you have followed my story you would know I have been living in Switzerland with my professional basketball playing husband for the past two years. It’s been two of the most amazing years, to be honest. In one of my earlier blogs at the beginning of the year, I highlighted the very importance of girl boss moves – something that I just haven’t had the guts to do for a while.

However, I think something in me just got sick of the same routine every day. Don’t get me wrong I love the European lifestyle but I wanted more than just a PT session and to watch my husband play professional basketball. Although, both of these things are fabulous and I wouldn’t trade it for anything – I just needed to get something going for myself. The beauty of having a supportive husband is he encouraged me to take this opportunity to better myself and it made my decision a lot easier.

I sound like a bit of a broken record I think because I’ve blogged about this numerous times, however, it is a reality especially now that I am turning 25 this year – ahh! So to make a long story short I decided that I wanted to go back to school! Yes, that’s right I’m not sick of University just yet. At the start of February, I departed for Melbourne, Australia to complete my Diploma in Remedial Massage and further study of Physiotherapy. Although goodbyes are never easy – this is just a “see you soon” type of moment.

It has been quite a difficult transition, to say the least. My first week of living back in Australia was both exhausting and stressful. I had a pretty rough time getting used to the time difference and I was sleeping something like 12+ hours a day. I also had to know my way around and to understand the public transport system that I would be using on the days I went to school. I had to get used to the culture again – which I have found to be quite interesting. It’s funny after 6 years of living overseas just in that time there have been so many changes! I also had to get used to living with a house full of people again – you know things that sound just so normal and easy just took a bit of time for me to feel comfortable again.

It’s this transition process which feels like I have gone through countless times throughout my life that makes me grow as a woman. I am also a wife now which still blows my mind, however, I have a responsibility to help provide for my family and that is something that makes me want to achieve even greater success. So here I am back home for a little while soaking up all the summer vibes while it lasts and to continue further study.

I am so excited to share with you weekly content on how life is treating me, things I am learning every day – the list goes on.

Here’s to the successful year of 2019.

It feels great to be back!

Miss Rose 🌹

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