Welcome Back: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t had a quick glance at my blog and wondered why on earth its taken me this long to publish another post! Gosh I’ve missed it so much. Whether it’s a message or a face to face catch up the number of you asking when I will post again has been CRAZY! It took me by surprise actually . I just want let you all know the support is so appreciated. So here it goes people!

Where have I been? What’s been going on? Why has it taken me this long to get back into blogging again? Well honey I’ll keep this plain and simple “life just happens.” If I recall correctly I left you off at the part where I had just started school and moved back to Australia? I’m asking a question like you will respond to me – haha. Nothing really has changed from where I left off, except, I am about less than 8 weeks away from graduating – yay!

For those that are reading my blog for the first time, here’s just a little back story. I obtained my BA in Sociology at Norfolk State University with a focus in social work. However, I have recently decided to change my career path and study Physiotherapy with a minor in Remedial Massage. Three years later… I am currently in the process of finishing up my degree here in Australia as I stated earlier which is so exciting!

Getting back into the swing of things has been quite difficult but it’s been a growing process for me to say the least. I’ve realized a few things within myself that I need to improve on like SAVING *cough cough* but also it has tested my mental strength to its absolute fullest. It’s taken me a while to even have the courage to post again because well getting back into school was a HUGE wake up call for ya girl. My focus suddenly shifted and I found myself getting stuck into my books like my old self in college – oh how I miss college.

There has been a lot of soul searching this time round I think because I’ve not lived in Australia for over 6 years now. Things are just not like how they used to be and I am much older now – shhh don’t tell anybody! There’s been some highs and definitely some lows whilst moving back but I am a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason…” Hmm maybe a potential tattoo in the near future – sorry mom and dad.


As I was piecing together this post I thought it would be cool to share with you some of things I’ve learned in the almost twelve months I’ve been here. I hope some of these things I’ve experienced can also take some relevance in your life too – so lets dive straight into it!

1. Family is important.

2. Money is an every day conversation.

3. Life is all about taking chances.

4. Health will always be an important factor in your life.

5. Stay on top of bills.

6. Budget.

7. I enjoy reading more than I ever imagined.

8. Listen to your body.

9. Down time is so essential.

10. Have fun!

11. Love is beautiful. (shout out to my amazing husband)

12. Drinking Almond milk in a vanilla latte is life changing.

13. Change is good.

14. A green juice every morning makes me happy.

15. Life is all about perspective.

16. Manifestation is an essential key to attracting the life you want.

17. Self-love is so important.

18. As hard as it may seem staying positive is key.

19. Work hard to live the life you want.

20. Reward yourself honey.

21. Success is a bitter sweet feeling.

So I guess you’re wondering what is after this?

Funny thing is I’ve received probably a million questions regarding my future. I know that I am the type of girl to NEVER have set future plans. It’s something I’ve always hated to do. Plans change, circumstances change… I never knew that I would end up back in Australia studying, working or even living here temporarily. So to answer that question I just want to go with the flow right now. I know there is talks of a family and a place to call home very soon but for now I have one main focus and that is to receive my degree. I’m sure there will be an exciting post that will entail all the details you need to know after I graduate.

So there you have it. I’m excited for what the future holds and I am ready to kick these goals for 2019 out the park!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Here’s to good vibes and a great rest of the year!

Miss Rose


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

  1. Rosie Mifsud says:

    So well said Kiara. Grandad is so happy to hear the word budgeting in your blog. You are doing a great job and we hope your plans all fall into place very shortly. 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jasonlikestotravel says:

    Good to see you make an appearance. I don’t think you have to have your whole life planned out, just enjoy your time in Australia until the next chapter 🙂


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