Thoughts: Spring is coming!

What a beautiful day!

I think as the warmer days slowly approach my desire to write again comes back. It’s been a hot minute since I got behind the screen to write to the world. I mean whose blaming me right? Covid has been a challenging adjustment but it’s given me a bit of inspiration to continue writing my story and hopefully sometime next year publish my very first book titled, “BLUSHING SUCCESS.”

I popped on my favourite Spotify playlist whilst I sit out in the backyard to journal *coffee+chill* and I’m just enjoying the cool breeze and what feels like a very promising start to Spring.



While it may seem like life has been put on hold for a little bit, I kind of like it. Yes, okay I think I’ve complained to my husband a couple of times from being bored and out of routine but the slow pace to appreciate the little things has been an invigorating experience. The new norm is definitely been a little bit scary but remaining frustrated has gotten us nowhere.

Maybe it’s the political facade that we are all frustrated with, or the sense of uncertainty that blurs the vision of freedom and success like getting back to work, to seeing friends and family. It’s hard. Change is hard but manageable. Some people struggle with this aspect.

This blog may be all over the shop but that’s the beauty of writing. Free mind, freedom to express with no structure but a screen and keyboard to reflect. I’d love to see your view point or some of things you are thinking about during this crazy time of life.

As the entire world endured and continues to endure what feels like months of just complete misery, the thoughts of culture and accepting others plays heavy on my mind constantly. Not just accepting ones culture but respecting others. This idea of where do I fit in? What is socially acceptable nowadays? The world is changing rapidly.

Do we see the light at the end of the tunnel or is that just a mockery of suggesting there is no light? I think there is a light but it’s up to us to determine how bright we want it to be.

The human mind is so powerful.


Miss Rose xx

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